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Turn your knowledge into your greatest competitive advantage

Unify Data,
Multiply the Advantage

We simplify the complexity of your data to enhance your success.

Operaciones y Producción

Make the most of information

Unify Solutions

Data unification simplifies, improves decisions and enhances business growth by integrating information from various sources, allowing a coherent and strategic vision.

Real time

Operating in real time provides competitive advantages by enabling instant decisions and agile adaptation to changes, improving operational efficiency and quality of customer service.

Advanced Analytics

Discover patterns, to predict trends and extract meaningful insights from large data sets. This drives strategic decision making and encourages innovation in your company.

Intuitive and Scalable

With a hassle-free experience that ensures optimal performance, our solution easily adapts to your evolving needs, without ever being a limitation.

Excel, gestión de datos

Optimized Data Management

Overcome data management challenges, saving time and avoiding errors. From the integration of information to the execution of complex tasks.

We offer a solution that simplifies the process for efficient and hassle-free management.

At Soidem Data Technologies

"We promote the digital transformation of our clients with adapted comprehensive solutions, collecting, processing and monitoring data from various sources and formats, achieving effective results in the short term and at a reduced cost."

Efficient Data Ingestion

Face the challenges of data ingestion, quickly and efficiently accessing the necessary information. From secure and orderly organization of data to efficient management, we provide a solution that simplifies the process for seamless ingestion in a secure environment.

Ejemplo del aplicativo web

Simplified Monitoring

Simplify data monitoring, creating intuitive and personalized dashboards.

Access the most important information instantly, without complications and always from a secure environment.

Create reports automatically, have the tool send you the information you need every morning.

Carbon footprint

Calculate your carbon footprint and develop a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Augmented reality

Easily convert all your panels into an Augmented Reality environment and access information instantly.

Machine Learning

Classify data, predict trends, and automate processes through pattern identification and continuous adaptation.

Automatic reports

Automatically create reports with your indicators, receive the document every morning by email.

Alert Management

Set up your own alerts to report incidents via email or even in Teams.

Access our Proof of Concept

Without filling out forms and totally free.

In the proof of concept you will find: 

  • Access to Splunk, the leading platform in "Security Information and Event Management" (SIEM).

  • Concrete examples of real-time management of different industrial processes.

  • Examples of Advanced Analytics (Machine Learning) and even Augmented Reality (AR).

  • Solutions for the management and control of the Carbon Footprint. (Law 7/2021).


Logo de Texia
  • Challenge: Comprehensive optimization of industrial management.

  • Solution: We implement an integrated system that addresses challenges such as real-time collection of production data, remote control from any location, real-time visualization of supply flow, integration of data from various processes and rapid generation of detailed reports . This global solution improves operational efficiency, facilitates strategic decision making and provides comprehensive and flexible management of industrial production.

Ana Guasch

"At Texia we are very happy and satisfied with the work of Soidem. They have made us a very personalized application and it adapts 100% to our needs. They offer immediate service when a problem or question arises. The day-to-day management of our factory "It has improved a lot! Knowing what happens in the plant every day from anywhere is a luxury!"

They trust us

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Dashboard for the management of Primary Care Centers

Captura de Pantalla 2024-05-14 a las 12.34.33.png

Currently, these centers use various tools to analyze health data, and +Ariadn'ap aims to simplify this process with a web application.

The platform provides automated data collection and processing, creating graphical visualizations of each center's performance. With features such as data collection and indexing, search, analysis and visualization, +Ariadn'ap offers easy and secure access from any device.

Automation of reports and objectives of the Health sector

"Al Consorci d'Atenció Primària de Salut Barcelona Esquerra (CAPSBE) disposem d’un Quadre de Comandament que recopila i analitza de forma automatitzada les dades d’activitat i indicadors dels nostres centres d’Atenció Primària.


I això és gràcies a l’equip de Soidem, que ens ha permès dissenyar un quadre molt personalitzat i enfocat a les nostres necessitats. Treballar amb ells és un plaer!,  són flexibles, compromesos i actuen amb rapidesa davant les nostres sol·licituds."

Silvia Roura
Adjunta a Gerència

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