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Splunk Named a Leader for the 9th Consecutive Time in 2022 by Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for  security information and event management



The unified security and observability platform

Go from visibility to action, quickly and easilycreek.

Imagen explicativa sobre la seguridad y observavilidad

Why Splunk


The license is determined based on the amount of daily data ingestion. The number of users or devices to be monitored does not matterScale the solution without extra costs!

Accelerate your conclusions

Splunk Enterprise lets you search, analyze, and visualize all your data, giving you insights you can take action on. Splunk Cloud Platform offers data search, analysis and visualization in the cloud (SaaS)

Leverage the potential of Splunk in the industry


Unify and monitor all levels with Splunk regardless of the digital maturity level of your business.

Augmented reality

Splunk AR users access data associated with assets by scanning barcodes, NFC tags, text, images, or logos on their mobile devices. Select a recognition method for this display.

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Other solutions

Simplifying Connections in the IoT Industry


Node-RED is a visual programming tool that efficiently connects devices in diverse systems, being ideal for the industry and allowing customization with its own nodes. Its open-source approach simplifies the cocommunication between devices, standing out for its intuitive visual programming. 


Main Features:

  1. Intuitive Visual Programming:No code required.

  2. Agile Development: Accessible for users without programming experience.

  3. Efficient Connectivity:Ideal for industry and as a dashboard viewer.

  4. Adaptability:Executable on inexpensive hardware and in the cloud.

  5. Customization with Own Nodes:It allows nodes to be adapted according to needs, strengthening management and building customer loyalty.

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